How To Store Protein Powder in a Decorative Way

My husband and I are both very into fitness.  However, with that comes the giant protein powder jugs.  You know the ones I’m talking about.

I tried getting my husband to store it in a cupboard but he uses it twice a day so that never worked.  No matter how many times I put that jug back in the cupboard it would end up back on my counters.

That’s when I decided to find a “pretty” way  to store the protein powder.  I had 4 requirements though:

  1. Attractive jar that could go on my counter top.
  2. Air-tight seal so the powder wouldn’t go bad.
  3. Large enough to hold an entire jug of powder (those jugs are HUGE).
  4. Large enough opening on the top so I could just dump the powder in without a funnel.

That’s what led me to this solution from Amazon.

How to Store Protein Powder

We’ve been using this jar for over a year and still love it!  The seal has held up nicely and the glass is solid.  The only thing I had to do was add some felt feet to the bottom of it to help it slide across the counter tops easier.

Hope this helps someone else and thank you for reading!


How to Store Protein Powder

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How To Stay in a Hotel with a Toddler

IMG_6478When my son was just barely two years old we decided to road trip from Texas to Minnesota.  19 hours of drive time.  I researched the internet for ways to survive the car time but I forgot one important part of the trip…the hotel.  We had decided to break the 19 hours up into 2 days so we would be staying at a hotel.  That meant me, my husband, my toddler, and our two 70 pound dogs would have to share a room for the night.  The first night was a horrible mess but the return trip hotel stay went much better due to the following things I learned.



  1. Find a Hotel That Meets All Your Needs – We needed a hotel that was reasonably priced, had cribs available, was pet friendly, and along our route.  The easiest way I found to do this was as follows:
    • Look on your navigation map for the nearest large city on your route
    • Go to (this post isn’t sponsored by them, I just really like their site)
    • Search that city for a hotel
    • Click “Filter” and pick your filters – For my purposes I picked:
      1. Max Price of $100
      2. Pet Friendly
      3. Cribs Available
    • Click “Apply” 01599e6d9934c2ef63049792b7a294e6c16c8a2162
    • Here’s the tricky part, you don’t know how close these hotels are to your route.  So, click on “Map”.  Once on the map zoom into hotels on your route.  We were going to be traveling along 470 so I zoomed in on hotels that were close to that route.
      1. Green = Hotels that are a perfect match
      2. Yellow = Hotels that don’t match the filters
      3. Then you can click on the green do to see more details.
    • Pick your hotel.
    • The Most Important Part – Before you book the hotel, call to confirm it meets your needs.  We had more than one time where said it had cribs but the hotel actually didn’t offer cribs.
    • Book 🙂
  2. Request a 1st Floor Room – Don’t make our mistake.  We had a toddler that had been cooped up in a car for 12 hours.  We checked into our 2nd floor hotel room and within 10 minutes had a noise complaint from the people below us.  Our poor little guy just wanted to stomp and run but the fellow hotel guests weren’t amused.
  3. Try to Make the Hotel Crib Similar to Home – We brought his sheets, comforter, and all his “cozies” to try and make the crib feel familiar.  It seemed to really help.IMG_7021
  4. Bring a White Noise Machine (or download an app for one) – Our son always sleeps with a white noise machine at night so of course we packed it for this trip as well. IMG_7023
  5. Put the Crib Near Your Bed – Our son woke up multiple times concerned about the strange environment.  We found that as long as he could see us he would just look for us and then lay back down.  Sometimes he would call out “Mommy” or “Daddy” and all it took was us saying “We’re right here” and he would go back to sleep.
  6. Change the Settings on the AC/Heat Unit – These units are meant to cycle on and off throughout the night, which they do very loudly.  During the first hotel stay this kept waking our son up.  On the second hotel stay we got smarter.   We turned the fan to always on so there was no noisy cycling.IMG_7022


Traveling with little ones is always an adventure but hopefully this will help you make your next hotel stay with a toddler just a little more enjoyable.IMG_7027


Walk In Closet Turned Home Office

As my business grew I knew I needed to have a home office.  Working at the desk in the living room wasn’t cutting it anymore.  The problem was, I had no place in my house for an office.  We don’t have an extra bedroom and we don’t have an office.  So I decided to make my own out of a walk in closet.


Here’s what I ended up with.  Amazing right?

This room is approximately 4 feet by 5 feet.  Not much space but I made it work.As with all of my projects, this design started with a Pinterest Board.

White, Gold, and Pink has always been my guilty color pleasure.  However, its not a combination that can really be used in a house.  Lucky for me this office is 100% mine so I could go a little crazy.

The pink paint and the flooring were quick and easy choices but the white took a while.  I found that plain white looked too harsh on the eyes so I set out on a quest to find the perfect white paint that didn’t look to yellow, brown, gray, or bright.  Eventually I settled on Painter’s White by Behr.

Paint & Floors.png

The Desk (aka The Star of the Show)

The desk was a limited edition from the Sugar Paper line at Target.  It sold out in hours and was a one-time release unfortunately.  However, it looks like the design has been very closely replicated by a seller on Wayfair.

Desks 2.png

My Desk – (mine is no longer available but this is one very similar to mine) Wayfair Park Avenue Writing Desk
Alternate Desk #1 – Wayfair Roreti Writing Desk
Alternate Desk #2 – Wayfair Dayne Black Writing Desk


Office Chairs

I ended up deciding on this gray and wood beauty from World Market but there were some wonderful other options as well.  I felt that the gray and wood tones helped balance out the gold and white from my desk.

Desk Accesorries

Seriously, just give me all the gold Target desk accessories.  These are the ones I came home with but there are so many more at Target to fall in love with as well!

Wall Decorations & Storage

I really made this small space work for me by using vertical storage.  A mixture of Target, Amazon, Ikea, and Home Goods came to the rescue.

Wall Accessories

Cork board – Amazon Wall Pops Catalina Printed Cork Board
Push Pins – Target Owl Push Pins Gold
Paper Organizer – Ikea Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack
Storage Cups – Ikea Sunnersta Container (make sure to buy the hanging rail too)


I couldn’t find any gold brackets within my price range so I made my own.  I needed these shelves to hold some serious weight so I decided to go with floating shelves that are also supported with brackets.  I have these shelves filled with heavy textbooks and have had no issues at all.Shelves

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to update or create your own little personal office space.  Many of the little accessories seen in the pictures were from Marshalls Home Goods so I can’t link to them online but if you have a question about a specific item just leave a comment.





My #1 Favorite Thing

This blog wouldn’t be possible without my #1 favorite thing…Amazon Prime.

Let me tell you the story of my Amazon Addiction…

While in college I was offered a free trial of Amazon Prime and I used it to both buy and sell textbooks.  Amazon Student was in it’s early stages and I actually got it for free the entire time I was in college.  My second year of college I moved into an apartment and my Amazon Addiction began to develop.  I had a saltwater fish tank and I found I could get everything I needed for it delivered straight to my doorstep instead of taking the 1.5 hour trip to the nearest specialty aquarium store.

000_0006.JPGThe third step into my Amazon Addiction was buying a house.  Now I needed things like Air Filters, Pest Supplies, Lawn Care, and so much more.  Luckily Amazon would happily deliver it to me in 2 days if I just paid their yearly Prime fee.


The fourth and final step was having a baby.  The last thing I wanted to do after having a baby was get myself and the baby ready for a trip to Target.  Nothing was going to pry me out of my leggings.

Luckily Amazon had everything I could possibly need or want (don’t even get me going about the middle of the night Amazon impulse purchases while sitting up with my baby).

Now-a-days I use Amazon for everything.  I have many items set up for Subscribe & Save, I have Dash buttons all over my house, and every present I give is wrapped in an Amazon box.

Most of the items I will talk about on this site are from Amazon.  You don’t need a Prime subscription to shop on Amazon, but it is helpful.


Now I want to hear from you!  Are you an Amazon Addict?  Have you never shopped there before?  Let me know!